About Sandeep

Hi, I’m Sandeep and am delighted to have you here. I write about ideas for mastering your habits, developing your leadership skills and living a life of energy and optimism. I also publish the interviews that I do with experts from different fields – entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and sports persons.

I have captained major corporate cricket teams and led successful teams at work. I believe there a lot to learn just by keeping our eyes and ears open. I read and research a lot, talk to successful people, observe people’s personalities and leadership traits and then, I share whatever learn in my posts. I am no expert. I am no master. I’ll never proclaim to be one!

Wisdom Growth Unlimited is a small initiative of mine to share what I have read, learnt and implemented in my life. Browse through my articles and interviews sections and if you find something insightful or interesting there, do share it. After all, wisdom shared is wisdom grown - and this is my humble belief.

My Book

I am presently working on my first full length hardcover book. The book, in essence, captures ideas about relationships, happiness, and adversities and how the characters of the story deal with it.

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